Perry Voyages Gen 4

New Chapter: 3.13 – A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare. Click here to read

Hello and welcome to the Perry Voyages Legacy.

As an avid sim player and active member on the forums I happened to come across a set of rules created by a simmer known as Pinstar for a challenge that you can do while playing The Sims 3. This challenge, as most of you may or may not already know, is known as The Legacy Challenge which can be accessed here.

To sum up the rules, the main goal is to have 9 Generations of sims with the birth of the 10th generation being the end of your legacy. There are many other rules that tell you how to play the game, however for this legacy, I will be following my own set of rules.

I will be following my own set of rules for this legacy. Either male or female can be heir as I will not be following a matriarchy or a patriarchy. I will not be following an alphabetical scheme legacy. Finally, the founder of this legacy will not start with almost no money on an empty lot.

I hope you enjoy your read and don’t forget to comment!